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Oasis - Fade Away

5-02-2013, 10:51
A     [x02220]
!C#m [x46654] (NOTE: Noel plays this as an [x02120] acoustic live)
Asus2 [x02200]
>D [xx0232]
Dsus2 [xx0230]
>E [022100]
G     [3x0033]
>B7 [x24242]
Fmaj7 [x33210]

Verse 1: When I was young I thought I had my own key
F#m7                   A
Step off a train, all alone at dawn
Esus                     Bsus2
Back into the hole where I was born
F#m7                   A               Esus          Bsus2
Sun in the sky, never raised an eye to me
F#m7                                 A
There's blood on the tracks, and it must be mine
Esus                 Bsus2
Fool on the hill and I feel fine
F#m7                        A                   Esus         Bsus2
Dont look back, 'cause you know what you might see
C/G Csus/B Am E F/C Fm/C
At least not today


This is another one of my favorite tracks off this incredible album. I'm
probably going to transcribe the entire thing, because I love it that

Oasis - Dont Go Away

5-02-2013, 10:51
 Am                                             G
Verse 1: A cold and frosty morning there's not a lot to say
                 Fmaj7                       G
About the things caught in my mind
Am                                          G
As the day was dawning my plain flew away
                    Fmaj7                      G
With all the things caught in my mind

F                                                               Am
Bridge:And I don't wanna be there when you're coming down

Oasis - Digsys Dinner

5-02-2013, 10:51
A                    C#m              D                E
Verse/Chorus: What a life it would be, If you could come to mine for tea,
              Dsus2           E7               D7     A  Asus4  A
I'll pick you up at half past three we'll have lasaaaagne.
A                    C#m              D                E
I'll Treat you like a queen, feed you strawberries and cream,
          Dsus2               E7              D7   A  Asus4  A
Then your friends will all go green from my lasaaaagne.
F#                                  A     Asus4   A  Asus4   A
These could be the best days of our lives,